3 ways to Engage Students from Home this Fall


Below are three fun ways for schools to use social media to keep their students and families engaged, even while learning has to occur from home:

Fun Out of Class Activities

Host online quiz games, like Kahoot, and then utilize social media to promote them! These could be just for fun, or potentially even used to a supplement a class. Many schools have been using Kahoot to aid in their virtual learning, check out the link below to see how:

How to Kahoot remotely

Quiz games and other competition-based games can be great as team building exercises, even if students are participating remotely :)

Virtual Workouts

At school, students are normally required to exercise in the form of PE or athletics, but it’s certainly harder to stay active during quarantine. To combat this, schools can offer virtual workouts and fitness sessions to keep people active!

In order to get everyone involved, go the extra mile and offer classes with varying degrees of difficulty so everyone feels like there is a class for them. This will help people to stay fit and healthy during this time at home and keep students engaged with the school even outside of their Zoom classes!

Community Service Opportunities

Lastly, schools can offer service opportunities for students to help out in their community, even from home!

Opportunities could include gathering food and supplies for frontline health care workers, or even running food drives for the students to participate in. This will create avenues for students to be positive influences in the community while still keeping them safe at home.

Wrap up

While many schools need to prepare to be without in-person instruction for the foreseeable future, this shouldn’t mean that all hope is lost! School leaders can make the best of these unusual circumstances by creating positive events and opportunities such as the ones listed above and then sharing the details on social media :)

Hope this was helpful and thanks so much for reading!

- Jake

Jake Engelberg is a blog writer at Gipper. Gipper is a platform that helps high school departments create professional graphics for social media - in seconds, on any device, and without needing any design experience.

Learn more @ gogipper.com

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