4 Graphic Templates to Create in Gipper that AREN'T for Social Media

Keaton McAuliffe
Keaton McAuliffe

Sports graphics aren't just on social media. They're everywhere you look, especially in schools. There are sports graphics on your walls, scoreboards, and event tickets. And Gipper has the templates to cover them all.

Sports graphics do more than just social media, and Gipper does too! Check out some of our favorite templates not for your social media available on the platform.


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Spread School Spirit in Your Email Signature

Default Email Signature 1108667

The email signature is a Gipper fan favorite. Instead of adding an email signature with your name, title, email, phone number, social media handles, etc in lines of plain text, spice it up! 

Why just tell people who you are when you could show them? Add your logo, use your school or team colors, even upload your headshot to your signature using our templates. 

Show a little personality, make your brand pop, and share some school spirit with every email exchange!

Add a Professional Look to Your Livestreams

Livestream Gif

Did you know that you can add graphics to your Hudl livestreams?

Give your live-streamed events a little broadcast flare with our livestream templates. Add score bugs, stat comparisons, score updates, and more to your live video!

Create your graphic in Gipper, then upload it right into your livestream provider. Your graphics will overlay right over the video, no technical skill or experience needed!

Your parents, grandparents, friends, and other fans watching from home will love the professional touch.

Level-Up the Athlete Experience with Bag Tags

At Gipper, we're all about the student-athlete experience. We love to give you the tools that help you create an unforgettable experience for your kids.

One thing that you can give your athletes that might seem small but is actually so meaningful, is a bag tag. Bag tags spread a lot of school spirit in a little way, and they're also a great way to give athletes a chance to represent and take pride in something bigger than themselves. 

We also love equity at Gipper, and this is a prime example of how you can make sure that all of your teams are treated equitably. Maybe you have the budget to get professionally made bag tags for your football team, but you might not have the budget to do the same for your girls' lacrosse team. 

Gipper makes it so all you need for every athlete to have a bag tag is a printer and a laminator. Playing field, leveled!


Knock Out Awards in Seconds with Certificates

Student-Athlete of the Year 3058751

Our certificate template comes in really handy around the end of the season, when you have a lot of banquets to organize and awards to hand out. This template makes it super easy to create awards for everyone, no matter how many athletes you have to celebrate. 

Grab your rosters, warm up your typing fingers, and fire up your printer. You'll have awards season covered in minutes!

Looking for more sports graphics? Explore our entire library of templates.

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