4 Gipper Graphics We Loved This Week: From Recruiting to Jersey Return

Keaton McAuliffe
Keaton McAuliffe

We're sharing our favorite Gipper graphics that we saw this week! Check out the amazing sports graphics that admins just like you are creating with Gipper (then try recreating them yourself)!

Lebanon Valley College Lacrosse: Hitting the Recruiting Trail


Why we love this graphic: The best way to recruit is to let your prospects know you're coming to a town near them. If you want top talent to show up, you better tell them when and where. That's where our recruiting trail graphic template comes in! Showcase the state, drop a location pin in the city or cities, and show WHO is going to be there (that's the most important part — prospects need to know who to talk to)! 

How they made it: Watch and learn! Our recruiting trail template can be made in minutes — see it to believe it!


Sturgeon Athletics: Getting Creative with Jersey Return


Why we love this graphic: Now this is a fun graphic. If you have ever experienced the struggle of trying to track down missing uniforms at the end of the year, this is the graphic for you. Instead of trying to find athletes sneaking away with a season memento, make them come to YOU! Offer your athletes something better than a decades-old jersey as "reward" for returning their uniform, and give them an easy time & place to do so (i.e. an event they're already going to). 


How they made it: What makes this template so clever is that Sturgeon started with a template intended to highlight uniforms: our game threads template. Here's what they did after that:

  1. Swapped out all the media fields with pictures of uniforms. Pro tip: Try getting pictures of a few different jerseys — different teams, colors, home/away combos, etc. 
  2. Updated the main color from the template blue to Sturgeon's red. (They left the secondary and tertiary colors the same!)
  3. Added their logo and then the information they wanted to share: Who (you), what (your uniform), when/where (Athletics Banquet), why (prizes)!

FDU Athletics: Sharing Their Own Top 10


Why we love this graphic: We should say that we really love these graphics, because FDU Athletics has been sharing their top 10 moments from the 2022-2023 school year for weeks! Check out the thread that's still going: 

This is all-time summer content: in the dog days of June, one of the easiest things you can do to keep your community engaged on social is share the top moments from the year. Reflect on the highest achievements from all of your sports — this is a great way to also stay equitable. Promote moments from all of your programs and all of your athletes (not just the ones that get a lot of coverage during the year). 

Read more on keeping your community engaged during the summer months> 

How they made it: Start with our Throwback Thursday template in the Stitch pack (these are throwback moments after all)!

  1. Update the photo fields with some of the best action shots from the year (make sure to highlight a few different sports).
  2.  Use the Background Photo field to upload your logo (this is what creates that nice transparent logo image in this graphic).
  3. Change your text accordingly and edit for font & color.
  4. Move the text boxes around the canvas until you're happy with how they look! (If you want to ditch a text box, just drag it off the canvas).

BONUS how they made it: When you're ready to create your throwback moment graphics, move on to our Stitch Athlete of the Week template. Edit the photo with a picture from the team/athlete you're highlighting. Move the photo to the center of the canvas, then move one of the text boxes over to the left side of the photo to achieve FDU's look. Then change the text — describe the moment! P.S. If you need another text box to achieve this, don't forget that you can add as many as you need! 

Apex Friendship High School Athletics: Wishing Us All a Very Happy Summer Break


Why we love this graphic: It speaks for itself. Summer break + good boy = perfect content. 

How they made it: Start with our Sponsorship template, swap out the image & logo, and adjust the text. That's it! Who said great content needs time?

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