5 Gipper Graphics We Loved This Week: Summer Social Media Content Inspiration

Keaton McAuliffe
Keaton McAuliffe

We're sharing our favorite Gipper graphics that we saw this week! Check out the amazing sports graphics that admins just like you are creating with Gipper (then try recreating them yourself)!

UMHB Women's Soccer: Celebrating Athletes' Academic Success 


Why we love this graphic: It is so important to highlight your athlete's academic achievements. This content from UMHB is a prime example of how easy it can be to create graphics that celebrate non-athletic results. Set the standard for your team or department: When your athletes work hard, they get noticed (on the field and in the classroom). 

How they made it: This graphic had me stumped at first. Then I remembered: Look to the holiday templates! I've seen so many Gipper customers get the most creative with our holiday templates, and UMHB was no different. Watch below to see how I recreated their GPA graphic from our Teacher Appreciation Day template.


Cougar Hoops: Highlight Your Athletes (Camp Edition)! 


Why we love this graphic: Baseball cards aren't just for baseball anymore! I think this is one of the most creative ways you can highlight your athletes and make their experience next-level. What's even better about Cougar's use of the baseball card is that they're highlighting their athletes in the off-season.

Summer can be a tricky time of year for social content. School's out, there are no games on the schedule, campus is feeling empty. But your athletes are still putting in work! Maybe your teams are holding camps like Cougar's. Maybe your athletes are meeting up for captain's practices or casual workouts. Try highlighting these activities on social and inspire your athletes to attend your camps or make time to stay in shape. 


How they made it: Before you go too deep down the rabbit hole on this one, give this video a watch to see how to use our baseball card templates (they're a little different than normal). 

  1. Create your baseball card graphic and input it into a baseball card casing template.
  2. Use the dropdown in the top navigation bar to switch the background from dirt to grass (or one of the other options you like).
  3. Open the Sponsorship tab and use the Sponsor Logo field to add a second logo or image. 
  4. Open the Additional Elements tab and add two text boxes to add the name of your athlete. Edit each for font, size, color & more! 

MSDA Lions Athletics: Get a Head Start on Hiring


Why we love this graphic: Let the template do the heavy lifting.  Just by changing the text, MSDA Lions turned a "registration" template into a hiring announcement for new coaches. Plus, announcements like these are great social media content for the summertime. Start the search early in the off-season and get the word out, so you have plenty of time to make the right hire before the fall. 

How they made it: Follow three simple steps to transform this registration template into a coach hiring announcement.

  1. Use the "Number of Events" dropdown in the top navigation bar to adjust how many coach or staff openings you'd like to show. (In this case, MSDA changed the format from four events to two).
  2. Change your text as you'd like (and edit as well — MSDA adjusted the horizontal spacing of "Coaching Openings").
  3. Add a Sponsor Logo. MSDA is an Under Armour school, and we can imagine this might be enticing for prospective coaches 👀. 

Apex Friendship Women's Basketball: Promote Your Summer Sessions


Why we love this graphic: Apex used the same registration template that MSDA used (in Twitter size) and turned it into something completely different. This graphic is a prime example of summer content: it promotes off-season events and encourages athletes to keep up their fitness! 

How they made it: Recreating this graphic couldn't be easier. Update your colors, type in new text, and upload your logo. That's it! 

Green Level Athletics: Secure Social Sponsorships 


Why we love this graphic: Green Level made quick use of our new sponsor templates (released this week)! The goal of these templates is to help you secure sponsorship deals with brands & businesses in your community. Social media sponsorship can help you raise funds that support your teams, programs, department, and organization overall. For many programs (like Green Level), sponsor-raised funds help create a next-level student-athlete experience. 

Interested in learning more about how Gipper can help you start a social media sponsorship program? Chat with a team member! 


How they made it: Customize this sponsorship template in three steps. 

  1. Add your colors. 
  2. Upload your logo.
  3. Add a photo! We recommend a team photo like the one Green Level chose (nothing draws sponsors in like supporting your athletes)!

Looking for more content inspiration to fill your social media calendar? Follow us on social @GoGipper for more sports graphic examples! 

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