8 Places You Can Create & Share Social Media Graphics Using the Gipper Mobile App


The Gipper mobile app gives you the power to create, edit, and share social media content from anywhere. And we mean anywhere. Check out where Gipper users have taken Gipper on the go, from the sidelines all the way to the NFL stands. 

1. The Sidelines of Your Playoff Football Game

There's no better time to post to social media than under the Friday Night Lights before a playoff football game. The stadium is packed and the fans are buzzing — capture the moment in a photo and share it to social to give everyone tuning in at home a feel for the energy. 

2. While Traveling to an Away Game

Take Gipper on the go — literally. Gipper works on the road! Use a long bus ride or commute to prep your score update, halftime, and final score graphics, or share a starting lineup on social media. (But always remember: Don't Gipper and drive!)

3. In the Stands of an NFL Football Game

NFL Sundays are perfect for prepping your social media content for the week ahead. Grab your phone during a commercial break and spin up a gameday graphic, then schedule it to post on game day. Even if you happen to be in the stands on NFL Sunday, you can Gipper during a timeout, or while waiting in a long concession line. 

4. At the Pep Rally for Your State-Bound Volleyball Team

Pep rallies, spirit days, and school traditions are special moments for your students and programs. But they're not happening in your office.

Whenever you're joining in on the fun, you can highlight these moments on social media, all from the palm of your hand. 

5. From the Bench During a Strategy Session

There are plenty of moments that only an athletic administrator's phone camera can capture. Your view gets you exclusive, behind-the-scenes access that fans in the stands or online can't see. Snap and share pictures of real-time moments, like a quick QB team huddle during the game. 

6. Courtside at Your Girls Varsity Basketball Game


Capturing action shots is easy when you're courtside. Now take it a step further — throw that picture into a graphic and post it to social media instantly. Your parents and fans watching at home will thank you if you bring them along for the ride. 

7. At Your Divisional Football Playoff Game (In an NFL Stadium)

As an athletic administrator, you often have the best seat in the house: the sidelines. Take advantage of your front-row spot and add an exclusive photo to your halftime score update. Share the score in seconds, and then go back to enjoying the show! 

8. On the Mat During Boys' Wrestling Practice 


Don't underestimate practice! It's a near-perfect opportunity to get great content for your social media channels. If you're making your rounds or checking in on your teams and coaches, snap a photo and post an update to social (without having to run back to your desk).

Give the parents and fans a real-time look at what your kids are doing after school!

The moments worth sharing on social media don't happen at your desk. The Gipper mobile app unlocks the power to capture and share those moments in real-time, so your entire community can come along for the ride. Wherever life takes you, the Gipper mobile app goes too. 

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