From the Desk of our Founder: Gipper Announces $2.7M Seed Financing & More

Matthew Glick
Matthew Glick

Today is a big moment in Gipper history:

  1. We announced our $2.7M seed round led by TIA Ventures

  2. We officially launched our major platform update: Gipper 2.0

  3. After years of - we released our new site at:


We've come a long way since I started Gipper in my college dorm room at Colgate University.


But, in no way has this been a solo journey. Quite the opposite.



We wouldn't be here without our fantastic team. We have world-class people at Gipper: folks that are not only highly-skilled, but also high-character human beings who care deeply about what we are doing, who we are helping, and how we go about our business. Going to work with these folks every day is a privilege.


And I would be remiss if I didn't give a special shoutout to my business partner, Jack Zamore. Jack is our longest-tenured team member, who joined Gipper after I pulled him out of our college's "Marketing Club" to see if he wanted to get hands-on experience. For some crazy reason, he said: "Yes!" Why? I still have no idea as at the time it made no sense. But, I am very glad he did!


We wouldn't be here without our customers. In the early days - athletic directors, SIDs, and coaches took a chance on a couple of young folks trying to solve a big problem. The product wasn't perfect, but over time, thanks to the generosity of these folks (and those that followed) who kindly participated in countless Zoom meetings, in-person catch ups, feedback sessions, etc. - we have been able to refine Gipper into the product it is today - used and loved by thousands of schools and athletic teams across the country.


And we wouldn't be here without our network of supporters: family, friends, advisors, investors, and everyone else who has had our backs along this journey. Starting something from nothing is not easy. It truly takes a village - and your belief, support, and guidance have not gone unnoticed.


As we embark on the next stage of Gipper, we do so with humility, ambition, and a deep sense of responsibility.

  • Humility because, despite our traction to-date, we know these are still early days

  • Ambition because we have a massive vision for Gipper: we are building an industry-defining company

  • Responsibility because we want to do amazing work for our teammates, customers, and supporters - it is the least we can do for all they have given to us


That's all from me folks. Now....back to work!




Matthew Glick


Founder/CEO @ Gipper




You can read up on our $2.7M raise, the launch of Gipper 2.0, and more below:

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