How Your Whole Team Can Collaborate on Gipper to Create Social Content

Keaton McAuliffe
Keaton McAuliffe

Social media can be overwhelming. That's why organizations at the highest levels have entire departments devoted to graphic design, content creation, and social media management.

But you don't need the graphic designers of an NFL team or the hiring power of a D1 athletic director for your team to collaborate effectively. Gipper makes it easy for your entire team to create more content that covers more teams on more social accounts — while still maintaining the brand you're working to build.

Team Work Makes the Dream Work

No matter the size of your organization, you have teammates around you that can help create content, from your coaches and secretaries, right down to your own athletes.

Invite up to 30 members of your organization to join Gipper. They'll have their own accounts and their own access to our game changing features, but you'll also have space to work together.

You can even organize your users into Teams. Recruit a group of students to handle posting score updates across your organization, and assign another group to create gameday graphics.

Invite + Create Team

Or, keep it consistent with real life and organize your Gipper staff by the sports and teams they work with day in and day out. The more team members you have on Gipper, the more programs you'll be able to highlight on social! Task each Team to create & post content for their program, and you'll see an increase in promotion for ALL of your sports.

Make Every Teammate a Brand Champion


Once you've invited colleagues to join you on Gipper, it's time to arm them with the tools they need to create and share.

Workspace Settings is where you can store and distribute all of your branding assets — colors, logos, fonts, and more — in one place. All of your Workspace members have access to these assets while editing, so you never have to worry about your teammates using the wrong color or outdated logo.

Plus, connect unlimited social accounts to your Workspace, then grant specific members the ability to post. Share account access without sharing passwords.

With the right tools, any member of your organization can create and share content that's engaging, effective, and (most importantly) on brand.

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Share Assets With Ease

Did you make a starting lineup graphic that you think your soccer coach would love? Share your design with them! It'll drop right into their Gipper account so they can access it when they need.

Share Design

And, if you've already set your colors, logos, and other branding in the shared design, all your coach needs to do is edit the information, and they've got a new graphic ready to post in seconds.

You can also do the same with the files in your Gallery. Share photos, videos, logos, and other media with members of your Workspace, so they don't have to worry about digging through their own files to find media.

Create a Media Army

Not everyone needs a Gipper account to help you create content. With Content Requests, you can tap into your entire community to get photos and videos that you can use in your graphics.


Create a link and then send it to any one in your community — parents, students, local media, and photographers. Then, the files they upload will drop right into your Gallery, ready for use in your graphics or to post right to social!

Plus, share your Content Requests media with your team, so they can access your entire library of photos and videos for their creations.

Get Everyone on the Same Page

Managing social media content can feel like a never-ending to-do list. Luckily, Gipper's beta feature — Team Calendar — is a built-in task manager that helps you keep track of events that need social promotion and share responsibilities among team members. 

Import your events calendar and assign teammates to take care of the content creation and posting. That way, everyone knows the who, what, when, and where of your organization's social posts. 

Just like you have teammates to help you run the ins-and-outs of your entire organization, you have teammates who can help you create and share social media content.

Inviting them to join you on Gipper is the first step to empowering anyone to create engaging, branded content that shares valuable information with your community, promotes your programs, and highlights your athletes.

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