Template Tuesday: New Graphic Templates for Athletic Achievements


We've added new templates for your sports social media graphics available now on Gipper!

Athletics/Sports Graphics Templates 

Athletic Achievement Graphic Template: Multi-Sport

Gipper default Athletic Achievement graphic template showcasing a certificate with gold border and laurels, with space for an athlete's name, achievement, and admin signature

We've added an exciting first-of-its-kind template to the dashboard: the Athletic Achievement template. Now you can update your end-of-season awards, senior athlete certificates, and more right on Gipper! 

Plus, you can customize this template just like any other — add your colors, logo, and other branding! Then, download, print, and had them out to your well-deserving athletes!

Double Header Game Day Graphic Templates: Multi-Sport

Gipper double header gameday graphic featuring two cutouts of a male and female youth basketball player, game day title text, and space to include information for two game day events. Color scheme is blue and white

Gipper double header game day graphic template featuring two photos of male baseball players swinging a bat and sliding into base with game day information. Color scheme is black, white, and red

Have two games on the same day? Promote them on the same graphic with our new double header game day templates. Each has space for a photo, logos, and game information. 

Pro Tip: These graphic templates are great for promoting your men's and women's programs at the same time! 

League Standings Graphic Template: Multi-Sport

Gipper's league standings graphic template featuring "Around the League" title, and up to 10 rows to highlight game scores. Color scheme is black, white, and red

Check-in on league standings with this new graphic template. Give your fans on social an update on how different teams in the league are doing, so they can get a sense of where your team is at! 

School Record Graphic Template: Multi-Sport

Gipper school record graphic template showcasing cutout of a young female soccer player, with "school record" title text, the athlete's name, and stat line. Color scheme is black, red, and white.

Breaking a school record is a huge deal for your student-athletes. Give the special moment a special shoutout with this school record graphic template. 

Plus, you can use video with this template! Take this graphic to the next level by adding a video of the record being broken! 

Rankings Graphic Template: Multi-Sport

Gipper's rankings graphic template showcasing photo of a young female volleyball player with a red text box with ranking information. Color scheme is red and white.

Making the rankings is a BIG DEAL for your team — let your fans celebrate right along with you by sharing our new rankings graphic! Highlight how hard your athletes have worked to climb the ranks this season. 

Ticket Punched Graphic Template: Multi-Sport

Gipper's "ticket punched" graphic template showcasing men's basketball team in a hundle, with a white outline of a ticket stub around them. Title text is "Ticket Punched" and color scheme is blue and pink.

Securing your spot in the Championship game calls for more than a final score graphic: use our new "Ticket Punched" template to tell your fans that you'll be hitting the road soon (and that they should tag along)! 

2023 Team Roster: Multi-Sport

Gipper's 2023 team roster template with "2023 Team Roster" title text, and 36 spaces for player names and numbers. Color scheme is navy, beige, and white.

Prep for your upcoming Spring sports season by getting your roster graphics ready. We've added a new one to the template dashboard with room for up to 36 players! 

Holiday Graphics Templates 

Valentine's Day Graphic Templates

Default Valentines Day 1915007 Default Valentines Day 1915009

Celebrate Valentine's Day with two brand-new graphic templates! Share a clever message on social and tell you fans how much you love & appreciate them! 

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