Template Tuesday: New Softball Starting Lineup Graphic Template


We've added new social media templates for your sports graphics available now on Gipper!

Athletics/Sports Graphics Templates 

Starting Lineup Graphic Template: Softball, Baseball

Gipper starting lineup template for baseball and softball, showcasing a diamond with space for 9 player photos, names and numbers. Color scheme is beige and blue.

Spring sports are almost upon us! It's time to start thinking about what graphics you'll need for the upcoming season, starting with this lineup template! This graphic template puts your starting athletes on the diamond. Share your graphic to social so your followers know who's on first (and everywhere else). 

Multi-Purpose Graphics Templates 

Event Graphic Template: School Play, Game Day, Fundraiser, & More

Gipper default event template showcasing a "school play" use case, with a photo of a school concert, red theatre curtains, and event information.

Our new graphic template can be used for a ton of events in and around your organization. Use this template to announce an upcoming school play, band concert, or arts showcase! Or, turn it into a Game Day graphic, announce a fundraising event or school dance.

Our templates are fully customizable, so thinking outside of the box is encouraged! 

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