Template Tuesday: New Daily Schedule Graphic Template


We've added new social media templates for your sports graphics and school graphics available now on Gipper!

School Graphics Templates 

Daily Schedule Graphic Template

Gipper daily schedule graphic template showcasing a school schedule broken out by periods and times

Daily schedule graphics are perfect for sharing with your school community, especially at the beginning of a new year or semester. Post the daily bell schedule so your students know exactly where they need to be and when. 

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New Hire Announcement Graphic Template: Professor, Teacher, Staff 

Gipper new hire welcome graphic showcasing a photo of a new male teacher against a white background with "welcome" text

Give new teachers, professors, administrators, or other staff members a warm introduction to your school with a special welcome graphic! Share your graphic to social media so that your students and staff recognize the new friendly face on their first day! 

Athletics & Sports Graphics Templates

Player Stats Graphic Template: Multi-Sport

Gipper player statistics graphic templates showcasing a photo of a male football player and a series of statistics

Our updated player stats graphic template is perfect for the playoff season. Give your social followers an update on how your team is doing during big championship games by sharing some in-game statistics. 

These graphics templates are fully customizable, so add any range of statistics for any sport you need!

Holiday Graphics Templates 

Merry Christmas Graphic Template

Gipper Merry Christmas graphic featuring Merry Christmas text set against a winter background photo

Christmas will be here before you know it! Get ready to celebrate the holiday with a Merry Christmas graphic template. Plus, we have many more options on our Template Dashboard. Just search "Christmas" or another holiday you might need a template for! 

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