Template Tuesday: New Championship Game Graphic Template


We've added new sports social media templates for your sports and school activities graphics available now on Gipper!

Athletics/Sports Graphics Templates 

2022-2023 Roster Card Graphic Template: Multi-Sport

Gipper's 2022-2023 roster card graphic showcasing basketball jerseys with name and number on the back

Announce your upcoming season roster in style with our new 2022-2023 roster card graphic template. Once you've set your team, share this graphic to social media, so your followers know the athletes to watch for throughout your winter season! 

Championship Game Graphic Template: Multi-Sport

Gipper's championship gameday graphic template showcasing young female basketball player framed by a green border and yellow "Championship" text

We've added a new championship look to the Template Dashboard with our new Championship Game graphic template. Your championship game might just be the biggest game of the season, maybe even the year. Promote it on social media by sharing this graphic so your followers can mark their calendars! 

P.S. Don't forget the key details like the date, time, location, and where to buy tickets.

2022-2023 Season Schedule Graphic Template: Multi-Sport

Gipper's 2022-2023 season schedule graphic template featuring a list of 22 games and events alongside a photo of a young female basketball player

We're expanding our 2022-2023 season schedule graphic templates with this new template in the Champions pack. With room to add up to 22 events, this graphic can showcase every event you have scheduled for the upcoming winter sports season. Create yours now for basketball, hockey, track & field, and more

Scoreboard & Score Update Graphic Templates: Wrestling, Tennis, Volleyball, Multi-Sport

Gipper's multi-score update graphic template featuring score cards with scores for 12 different matchups

Our new score update graphic template can showcase up to 12* score updates on one graphic. Have a conference tournament going on, or want to give a score update for every wrestling match without making multiple graphics? This scoreboard graphic template is perfect for keeping your social community informed, without creating too much work for yourself!

*Don't have 12 scores to showcase? This template is totally adjustable — choose the number of events that works for your needs. 

Charity Event Graphic Template: Multi-Sport

Gipper's charity event graphic template showcasing photo of a young female basketball player with text information for charity auction

If you're looking to raise some extra funds this season, this fundraising event graphic template is for you. Spread the word about an upcoming auction, bake sale, or charity event by sharing a graphic on social media. Promote your event so you can maximize turnout and funds raised for your programs! 

Plus, don't forget to add a sponsor logo if you're working with a small or local business! 

Holiday Graphics Templates 

Kwanzaa Graphic Template

Gipper's Kwanzaa holiday graphic template featuring Happy Kwanzaa text set against a black background, with yellow, green, and red line design

We've added a Kwanzaa template to our suite of 2023 holiday graphic templates! Get ready to wish your community a happy holiday on social media!  

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