Template Tuesday: New Sports Graphics Templates for Athlete Commitments, Final Scores & More

Keaton McAuliffe
Keaton McAuliffe

We've added new social media sports graphics to help you promote your athletes, teams, and programs. Available now on Gipper!

Athletics/Sports Graphics Templates 

Athlete Commitment Graphic Template: Soccer, Multi-Sport

Gipper's athlete commitment graphic showcasing young female soccer player, with committed text and two school logos

The day your athletes commit to continue their playing career at the next level is a special day. Give them the recognition they deserve with a commitment announcement graphic! Your athletes have worked for this moment their entire careers with your help. Celebrate this milestone with your entire community by sharing this graphic to your social accounts!

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Match Day Graphic Template: Soccer, Tennis, Multi-Sport

Gipper's Match Day template featuring photo of a young male soccer player, Match Day text, and information about the team and game

Boost excitement around an upcoming match with our new match day graphic template! This graphic is sure to stop the scroll and inspire your social followers to share with their networks. The more you promote your matches, the more fans show up on the sidelines! 

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Final Score Graphic Templates: Soccer, Multi-Sport

Gipper final score graphic featuring photo of a young female soccer player kicking a ball, with final score text and score bug graphic overlaying

Let your fans following from their social feeds know how your match ended! Share your game result in a way that will showcase a win (or a loss) and highlight one of your star athletes in action.

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Update/Announcement Graphic Template: Soccer, Multi-Sport

Gipper default Weekend Update graphic template featuring Weekend Update text with weather delay information overlayed on a lightning bolt image

A lot can change in the world of sports, and the easiest way to get important announcements out to everyone who needs to know is via social media. Our new update/announcement graphic template is perfect for sharing timely news with your entire community. From weather delays to field changes, this template will help you get the word out in no time at all!

League Standings Graphic Template: Multi-Sport

Gipper league standings graphic template showing grid of up to 15 different teams, their name and season record with date stamp text

Give your fans an update on where your team stands throughout the season. This way, they know which big opponents to keep an eye out for! This template can showcase up to 15 team records — adjust it depending on the size of your league!

Holiday & Special Event Graphics Templates 

Teacher Appreciation Day Graphic Template

Gipper teachers appreciation day template featuring image of a male teacher, with A+ and star graphics and teachers appreciation day text

Teachers work tirelessly to educate, support, and inspire their students. Their hard work and dedication, however, is often under-appreciated. Take Teachers Appreciation Day (May 2nd, 2023) as an opportunity to show gratitude for the teachers in your organization. Highlight your teachers on your social media so your entire community can show your support! 

Plus, repurpose this template for Teachers Appreciation Week (May 8th - 12th 2023)! Spotlight all of your deserving teachers! 


Mental Health Awareness Month Graphic Template

Gipper Mental Health Awareness month graphic template featuring green background, a green mental health ribbon, and mental health awareness month text


Gipper mental health awareness month graphic template featuring a quote on mental health set against green background, with ribbon logo in the bottom right corner

May is Mental Health Awareness Month! Mental health is an extremely important topic, especially for students and athletes. Show your community that you and your organization are mental health supporters and advocates with these templates. Have your students, athletes, faculty, and more share quotes on how they prioritize their mental health!

Cinco De Mayo Graphic Template

Gipper Cinco de Mayo graphic template featuring Cinco de Mayo text stickers set against a red background with white accent design

Celebrate and recognize Cinco de Mayo with our new festive graphic template! 


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