New Sports Graphics Templates for Final Scores, Starting Eleven, & More

Keaton McAuliffe
Keaton McAuliffe

We've added new social media sports graphics to help you promote your athletes, teams, and programs. Available now on Gipper!

Athletics/Sports Graphics Templates 

Final Score(s) Graphic Templates: Soccer, Multi-Sport

Gipper default final score graphic template for soccer, featuring "full time" text, a photo of a young female soccer player in action, and a 3-1 score in bold text


Gipper default final scores graphic template showcasing "final Scores" header, three photos of young soccer players in action, and five different game score results


Share the result of your match with a final score graphic so all of your fans following along at home know how it turned out! Plus, our club final scores graphic template is perfect for sharing a lot of results at once. Have too many teams to keep track of? Cut your workload significantly by making one final score graphic instead of five.

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Club Registration Announcement Graphic Template: Soccer, Multi-Sport

Gipper default registration template with "Registration Now Open" tile text, and four different age groups that are open for soccer registration

As a club admin, you want as many people to register for your club, camps, & clinics as possible. The easiest way to boost registrations? Spread the word! Share our new registration announcement on social media and reach a wider audience of prospective players. 

Starting Eleven Graphic Templates: Soccer, Multi-Sport

Gipper default starting 11 graphic template with "Starting IX main text" and names of 11 started soccer player athletes, and a photo of three young male soccer players


Gipper default starting eleven graphic template featuring "Starting Eleven" main text, and text boxes for 11 player names, plus space for substitutes


Give your starting eleven players an extra special shoutout with our new Starting Eleven lineup graphic templates. This graphic is a great way to celebrate your players (making the starting lineup is a huge achievement) and tell your fans following along on social who's taking the field! 

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Tournament Graphic Templates: Basketball, Soccer, Multi-Sport

Gipper default tournament graphic template, with "Tournament" text header and four different sections for each pool play and 4 boxes with score results for each team within each pool Default Bracket (8 Team) 16594


Tournaments have a lot of moving parts, and it can be difficult to share a lot of information all in one place. That's what our tournament templates were built for — now you can share team, matchup, and score info on one graphic. Want to share a bracket but don't have the tools to make one? Just fill in your event info in ours! 

Hiring Announcement Graphic Template: Soccer, Multi-Sport

Gipper default "We're Hiring" template featuring "We're Hiring" text, and text boxes detailing the positions being hired, plus text to "learn more"

A lot can change in the world of sports, and the easiest way to get important announcements out to everyone who needs to know is via social media. Our new update/announcement graphic template is perfect for sharing timely news with your entire community. From weather delays to field changes, this template will help you get the word out in no time at all!

Conference Championship Bracket Graphic Template: Softball, Baseball

Gipper default softbal championship bracket graphic template featuring bracket of 12 softball teams

When it comes down to the championship game, fans follow brackets religiously. Make sure your fans and social followers know how they can follow along every step of the championship tournament with this graphic!

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Holiday & Special Event Graphics Templates 

Graduation Graphic Template

Default Graduation 16619

Graduation day is coming up quickly! Start preparing to celebrate your seniors with a brand new graduation day graphic template. 



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