Template Tuesday: Brand New Graphic Designs for Game Day, Player Spotlight & More


In this special edition of Template Tuesday, we're launching a brand-new design concept! Introducing our Champions Premium templates, designed to take your graphics to the next level! 

Athletics/Sports Graphics Templates 

Game Day Graphic Templates: Multi-Sport

Gipper's new game day graphic template featuring cutout of male football player, game day information, and a black and red color scheme

We're giving game day an epic new look! This brand new graphic template adds more advanced design elements like light, shading, and layered texture.  

But here's the good news: these graphics may look more advanced but they're just as easy to make as any of our other templates. It looks like you got a Photoshop designer to custom-make this game day graphic from scratch, but the truth is it's all you (with a little help from Gipper)!

Gipper game day graphic template featuring Game day headline text, team logos, and game information text against a red and black textured background

Looking for the same level of design but with a little simplicity? We created the same game day graphic template without the photo element. Focus your fan's attention on the clear facts of game day —who, what, when, and where — so you can pack the stands. 

Next Game Preview Graphic Templates: Multi-Sport

Gipper next game graphic template featuring photo of young male football player, Up Next headline text, team logo images, and game day information text. Set on a red and black background

Whether you win or lose, one thing's for certain: you're on to the next. Get your fans excited for the next game on the schedule with our new Up Next graphic template. 

Player of the Game Graphic Template: Multi-Sport

Gipper player of the game graphic template featuring cutout of a male football player, Player of the Game headline text, and a player name set against a red and black background

Give your athletes the elite treatment with this new player-of-the-game graphic template. Put your MVP in the spotlight — literally — with this template that features advanced design elements, a full-body cutout, and more! 

Final Score & Player Highlight Graphic Templates: Multi-Sport

Gipper final score graphic template with a final score headline, final score text and team logos, set against a photo background of a young male football player. Black and red color scheme

Level up your final score graphic by using an action shot as your backdrop. Our new final score graphic adds more visual and design elements to your score report. 

Don't forget: All of our graphic templates are fully customizable, so if you don't like the photo backdrop or other elements on the template, feel free to remove them! 

More Athletics/Sports Graphic Template Releases 

Tournament Graphic Template: Basketball, Multi-Sport

Gipper basketball tournament graphic tempalte featuring four yellow boxes for four groups of pool play, broken down into four teams. Set against dark green backdrop

By popular customer request, we've added a new tournament graphic template to the dashboard! This template is perfect for basketball, volleyball, or other sports that follow a pool-play tournament structure. Keep your fans up-to-date on your tournament structure and how each team is playing as the tournament gets underway. 

Multi-Player Spotlight Graphic Template: Multi-Sport

Gipper three stars of the game graphic template, featuring three photos of three young male hockey athletes, their names, and some key statistics. Red and black color scheme

Let's face it, it can be impossible to choose just one MVP to highlight on social media, When you can't pick just one top performer, pick three! Highlight up to three star players on one graphic, and share their accomplishments with your social media fans!

League Standings Graphic Template: Multi-Sport

Gipper league standings graphic template, featuring 12 rows for individual teams with league ranking and team record. Also includes photo of a young male baseball player set against a blue and white color scheme

Keep your fans in the loop with exactly how your season is going! Update league standings, rankings, and team records on one graphic and share to social media. That way your fans can keep tabs on how your playoff campaign is looking! 

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