Template Tuesday: New Sports Graphics Templates for Tryouts, Upcoming Matches & More

Keaton McAuliffe
Keaton McAuliffe

We've added new social media sports graphics to help you promote your athletes, teams, and programs. Available now on Gipper!

Athletics/Sports Graphics Templates 

Champions Graphic Template: Soccer, Multi-Sport

Gipper champions graphic template showcasing young male club soccer team with champions text

Everybody loves a winner! Show off your incredible talent and their achievements with our new Champions graphic template. Not only will this make your athletes feel good, but it'll also show prospective players how much their hard work would be valued if they played for your team. 

Upcoming Matches Graphic Template: Soccer, Tennis, Multi-Sport

Gipper's upcoming matches graphic template with information on three upcoming matches

Create buzz and excitement around your upcoming games with this graphic! Promoting your events on social media can encourage fans to share their excitement and support for your teams, which helps boost your programs' visibility online. The more reach your social media has, the more prospective players you might attract!

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Tryouts & Clinics Graphic Templates: Soccer, Multi-Sport

Gipper tryout schedule graphic template outlining information about upcoming tryout events Gipper clinic graphic template outlining information about an upcoming club soccer clinic

The great thing about posting graphics on social media is that you can share a lot of information with a lot of people at once. Plus, with graphics as eye-catching as these from our new Hex Pack, people will stop scrolling to take a look. Grab the attention of more people on social, so you have more participants show up & register for your events!

Player of the Week Graphic Template: Soccer, Multi-Sport

Gipper player of the week template showcasing photo of a young male soccer player, with player of the week award text

Highlighting your athletes on social media not only gives them the recognition they deserve and the confidence they need to succeed, but it can also help them be seen. Promoting your athletes can help them in the recruiting process. Recruiters are more likely to keep an eye out for these players at an event if they've gotten a peek into their talent already. 

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Coach & Staff Welcome Graphic Template: Soccer, Multi-Sport

Gipper coach and staff welcome graphic, featuring photo of a male club soccer coach with welcome text

Your coaches and staff are what make your program unique. Give each team member a warm welcome with a social post, and show your fans that you have more incredible coaching talent joining you! 

Starting Nine Graphic Template: Soccer, Multi-Sport

Gipper staring nine graphic template with starting nine text, and nine rows of player information

Your athletes work hard for their starting spot on the field. Give them an extra boost of confidence by sharing a starting lineup graphic. Plus, it'll let your fans know who to look out for while they watch or follow along at home! 

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