Ready For The Big Game? Five Ways to Drive Engagement Using Social Media

Matthew Glick
Matthew Glick

Whether you’re the Wildcats, Huskies, Cougars, or maybe even the Banana Slugs — mascots are an important way of promoting school spirit and increasing community engagement for your teams. But in 2019, it’s not enough to dress up your mascot, have a pep rally or simply tweet out “Come to the game!” to get your supporters ready for that Friday night showdown against a cross-town rival. Here are five surefire social media engagement tactics to get people interested and excited for your athletic events.


1. Highlight a Prominent Student-Athlete

There’s no better way to generate excitement for competition than by highlighting your star players. When your quarterback is averaging five touchdowns a game, swimmers are posting record-breaking times, and the captain of your volleyball team is up for All-State, it’s important to feature these athletes with a high-quality graphic that will capture the attention of onlookers. Your student-athletes will love and appreciate the recognition. This love will result in re-posts, re-tweets, and shares — meaning more exposure for your player, team, and school. It’s a win-win!

blue baseball player of the game graphic showing a baseball player in action mocked up in a baseball card with stats


2. Feature a Quote by a Coach or Player

Share a quote graphic that highlights a coach or player. This personal touch is really powerful and gives students, parents, and alumni an “insider” sense of how the team is feeling ahead of their matchup.

crimson basketball quote graphic showing a basketball player flexing, with graphic content communicating his quote


3. Remind Everyone What Happened Last Time They Played You

It’s important to look ahead to the big game, but it’s also powerful to reflect on past success. Highlight your impressive victories and best plays through a highlight video recap.

basketball Player Stat Graphic Template showing basketball player in action and stats from games.


4. Create an Engaging Game Day Graphic

Now everyone’s excited about the game, but they’re still missing the most important thing — information. That’s where a game day graphic comes in. This informational graphic shares the necessary game information — who, what, when, and where — in a creative and exciting way. This will ensure people show up to the game and importantly — at the right time and place

navy & gold football gameday graphic showing a football player pointing, with graphic content communicating the game info


5. Celebrate and Share Your Success!

So you’ve highlighted your star players, posted an inspirational quote, created a highlight video and you’ve won the game. Now what? Share the great news with your community! However, a simple text based post will just get caught in the clutter of everyone’s newsfeed. Instead — create a final score graphic that will make you stand-out.

hockey final Score Graphic Template showing a male hockey player in action with score updates shown per period.

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