Social Media in Education: Communicate more effectively, extend learning & celebrate student success

Matthew Glick
Matthew Glick
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We are living in the age of social media. In the U.S., nearly every student above 13 years old will have an account on at least one social media platform. Considering this prominence, understanding how you can use these platforms effectively in (and outside) the classroom is critical for any modern educator. However, you can only use your time and energy in so many ways, so understanding the benefits of social media is important. Social media in education will allow you to do the following:

  1. Communicate More Effectively

Your students live on social media. Meet them where they are to ensure they receive important updates. Some examples of the successful use of social media include creating class-specific Facebook Groups or using Twitter to share homework assignments or school closure announcements. Whatever the use case - social media is a critical tool in any up-to-date communication strategy.

2. Extend Learning

We all know learning doesn’t end in the classroom. More students than ever are engaging with their peers, seeking new knowledge, and reaching out for

academic support over social media. You can live stream lectures and share helpful resources like educational blog posts, articles, and YouTube videos. This content is consumed much differently than in a typical classroom setting, and the result can inspire students and help them in their existing studies and beyond.

3. Celebrate Student Success

Forty percent of employed Americans say they'd put more energy into their work if they were recognized more often. For students, it is no different:

Celebrating student success not only makes students feel appreciated, but it gets results! You’ll increase motivation, build confidence, and create a positive classroom culture. Celebrating success can take place in different forms, but social media is a terrific way to broadcast this message to a wider audience. Popular methods include highlighting academic and community service achievements. You can also create "Student Spotlight" graphics that highlight students more broadly and share appreciation - outside of a specific award. How and what you celebrate is entirely up to you (just make sure it is authentic and deserved), but the simple act will go a long way.

Matthew Glick is the Chief Executive Officer at Gipper. Gipper is the leading social media graphics solution platform in the K-12 industry, enabling schools to create professional graphics for social media - in seconds, on any device, and without needing any design experience. Serving school communications professionals, athletic administrators, coaches, principals, and more - Gipper empowers anyone at a school to create effective and compelling content for social media in just a few clicks. With access to a wide range of ready-made templates and seamless social media sharing, schools can create and share more content than ever, all while spending less time and money. In doing so, schools are able to better grow their brand, improve stakeholder communication, and create additional revenue opportunities.

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