Take Your Sports Graphics to the Next Level with Video

Keaton McAuliffe
Keaton McAuliffe


Video has taken over social media.

Short-form videos get more views, engagement, and monetization than any other form of content on social media. That's why we've seen the rise of video-based platforms and features, from TikTok to Instagram Reels.

But you don't need to be creating videos from scratch to share video content. If you're a sports administrator, you have easy access to one of the most-loved forms of video content on the internet: sports highlights.

Take accounts like House of Highlights for example. The brand built its entire following by sticking to one form of content: epic sports videos. They've grown to over 50 million followers and have millions on millions of video views.

What is it about video that makes it so popular? It's short, entertaining, and easy to consume. It holds a viewer's attention for longer. More importantly, it's extremely shareable. And now, social platforms optimize for it. That means if you're sharing video, the algorithms are in your favor.

And that means that if you're posting videos to your social channels, you have better chances of getting seen. Videos get more reach and exposure on social media than any other type of content.

So, as the kids say, this is your sign to share videos. And we're here to help you figure out what, where, and how of sharing video.

What Video?

What's great about video content is that it can be completely organic. And by that we mean totally non-edited and non-produced. The videos that perform the best on social have nothing to do with the quality or aesthetic of the video. They have everything to do with what's happening in it.

So when we take away the need for expensive video camera equipment or complicated editing software, shareable video is everywhere. Here are some of the places you should look.

Your Hudl Highlights (Or Other Athletics Video Software Provider)

In this day and age, sports and video are so closely intertwined. We live-stream events, we record our practices. We review tape to prepare for games. We have analytics built into our video to fix form or technique.

All of these videos we capture can also be cut up and shared to social media. If you're live streaming games with your Hudl camera, chances are you've got epic touchdowns, goals, and celebrations on film. Clip those up, throw them into a Gipper graphic, and share right to social.

Are you a Hudl customer? You may be eligible for exclusive pricing on a Gipper subscription! Learn more


Your Phone Videos (Or Others' Phone Videos)

People are filming constantly. That means there's a high likelihood that the insane bicycle kick goal you just witnessed was captured on somebody's phone. 

Whether that person is you, a parent, or even another athlete, track that video down and post it. 

Need help getting your hands on those videos? Don't forget that Content Requests makes it easy to get media from anyone.

Media Day

Sports videos don't have to be all highlights. You've probably seen videos of athletes staring down the camera, tossing a football, or doing a live-action, arms-crossed pose with another teammate. Those videos are great for hype and can be more visually interesting than a static image. 

Many teams stage these videos during Media Day. You may have heard of Media Day on the professional level, but high schools across the country do them too. The goal is to capture high-quality content of all of your athletes before the season kicks into gear. 

Add video into your next Media Day. Set up a station with props and equipment, and let your athletes really have fun with it. The results end up looking super epic and professional. 

New to Media Day? Check out our guide to putting together a hassle-free (budget-free) Media Day at your school. 

Where Should You Post Video?

The short answer is: anywhere! All social media platforms are compatible with video, so there are no restrictions when it comes to choosing platforms.

However, some social media platforms are more optimized for video than others. TikTok, of course, is a video-only platform. Instagram has increased its video functionality exponentially with the push to Reels. 

Our suggestion to ADs and coaches is to focus your video content on Instagram (and TikTok if you have it!) That's where your video is going to have the most discoverability, and therefore, return on investment. The way Instagram's algorithm is working right now, more people have a better chance of seeing your video content.

How Can you Post Video?

Again, the short answer here is: just do it! You can upload videos natively to any social media platform.

BUT, posting videos natively through multiple platforms can be a bit more of a headache than it might seem. Each platform has it's own frame size requirements and length requirements. A video that you spent hours editing for Twitter might not work on Instagram. 

Instead, use Gipper to create one video graphic that can post to all social media platforms, and only worry about sizing if you want to. 

Select one of our hundreds of video templates, upload your video file, and use the Video Editor tool to select the clip you'd like to use in your graphic. Then, customize and publish as your would any other graphic. 

No need to sweat over adding video into your social media routine. Start posting the short-form video that everyone (and we mean everyone) can't get enough of simply by adding video into your Gipper graphics.

Some of Our Favorite Templates for Video

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