Taking Gipper Beyond Fast, Beyond Easy, and Beyond Social Media

Matthew Glick
Matthew Glick

At Gipper, we've revolutionized the way athletic programs create social media content. Before Gipper, athletic programs struggled to grow their social presence. Creating content for all of their teams was an impossible task. Existing design tools were too complex and time-consuming, especially for the overworked athletic director or coach. 

The result was clear to see on social media: text-based twitter posts with low engagement, poorly-branded sports graphics on Instagram, or simply not posting at all. In the age of social media, athletic programs were failing to maximize their stakeholders' most important online channel. In turn, they were missing out on critical opportunities to tell their program's story, celebrate their athletes, and generate revenue.

Gipper changed that. Athletic directors, coaches, and admins now have the most user-friendly software to make both their programs and social media content look good.

With access to the most expansive template library on the market, easy editing, a mobile app for creating content on the sidelines, and social media publishing tools - sharing engaging content has never been easier.

In a few short years, Gipper has evolved from a startup idea to one of the fastest-growing companies in sports tech: used and loved by thousands of youth clubs, high school, and collegiate athletic programs across the country.
Just check out the organic love shared by Gipper users on social...

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During this period of rapid growth, we've watched as more and more athletic programs embrace the importance of telling their story, highlighting their athletes, showcasing their successes, and growing their program's brand on social media.

And we've seen the benefits they've reaped from using Gipper. From the tangible benefits โ€” increased ticket sales, additional funds raised from sponsorship, more athletes participating in the program, hours saved every day โ€” to the intangible โ€” boosted confidence of student-athletes, increased excitement around the program, and newfound recognition & appreciation from community members.

This is what motivates us to continue to innovate - to push the boundaries of what's possible for organizations that are far too often left with software that is slow, cumbersome, and behind the times - software that doesn't make a difference. We're determined to do the opposite. To go above and beyond for athletic programs who go above and beyond for their athletes and communities.

So to that end, I'm excited to announce a series of updates we're making to do just that.

We're taking Gipper beyond fast, beyond easy, and beyond social media.


Beyond Fast

At Gipper, we know that ADs, coaches, & staff are BUSY.

"There's just not enough time in the day..."

"If only I had more help..."

Endless tasks, late nights, ever-growing responsibilities.

That's why we're laser focused on doing more of the work for you  ๐Ÿง™โ€โ™‚๏ธ๐Ÿช„โœจ

Over the next few months, we'll be releasing a series of automation features that will take the work off your plate - while helping you do even more to grow your program's brand, showcase your athletes & engage your community.

The first feature we are releasing cuts down editing by 90% - meaning you can create stunning, on-brand graphics - in just seconds.

Introducing: AutoBrand









AutoBrand instantly applies your official logo and colors to any template. Want to change the color combination? No worries - click "Shuffle Colors" to find the perfect look.


Try it out live on Gipper today (not a Gipper user? Create a free trial here).

Stay tuned for more automation features coming soonโ€ฆ

Beyond Easy

Even with automation that takes Gipper beyond fast, it's crucial that you still have the ability to easily customize your graphics. That's why we've introduced key improvements to the editing experience - to make customization on Gipper beyond easy.

Enhancements to Sidebar and Canvas Editing

Our new editing sidebarโ€™s tab layout makes it incredibly easy to access and edit content on a graphic. So if you like editing graphics using the sidebar, it's now that much faster.

For those that like editing by clicking on elements in the graphic, we've also made that process much simpler. Whenever you click on any element, we will automatically show all relevant controls. 


Text Editor Improvements & Font Preview

Text formatting is now positioned above the graphic you are editing, making it much easier to access.

You asked us for a way to preview fonts to make it easier to pick the right one... it's here!


Zoom In and Out

You also asked us for a way to zoom in and out on your design to make editing easier, especially on those schedules and roster templates... well that's here too!


New Templates Galore

On top of these improvements to make editing easier than ever, weโ€™ve also dramatically ramped up our template production. We are adding new templates to Gipper at velocity never before seen in the market. In the past 3 months, weโ€™ve added nearly 500 ready made templates to the platform - designed for athletic programs by the best sports creatives in the world. In total, Gipper offers 3500+ ready made templates. Even better news? Weโ€™re not slowing downโ€ฆ



Beyond Social Media

Gipper was built on the knowledge that athletic administrators needed a fast and easy way to grow their online presence and digitally promote their programs. And for a while, social media was the best and most popular way to do just that.

But in today's reality, digital promotion doesn't just start and end with social media. To grow your programโ€™s brand, to properly promote your athletes, and to keep your community engaged, you need to reach people in more ways than one - and drive them to action. We're thrilled to introduce a brand-new tool that will help you do just that.

Introducing, Gipper Newsletters (Coming Soon)









Gipper Newsletters is the easiest way to create digital newsletters, announcements, and updates - that your community wonโ€™t just love - they will thank you for. 

Whether itโ€™s weekly updates to your athletic community, internal staff newsletters, digital programs, or really any other type of web-page - you can create it with Newsletters.

  • Work off our ready-made templates or customize your own from scratch
  • Add unlimited sections - photos, videos, logos, and more
  • Keep it simple - control your layout, copy sections, arrange sections
  • Insert clickable buttons to drive your community to action: sell tickets, support fundraisers, drive viewers to your website, social media, or anywhere else!


And when you're happy with your newsletter, hit publish. 

We'll automatically generate a link to view your newsletter that you can then share wherever you'd like: paste it into an email, include it on your website. Or, drop it into the caption of a Tweet or Facebook post to give to your followers. You can even download a custom-generated QR code to put on other graphics, posters, and more. The possibilities for creating and sharing are truly endless.


We're excited to share that Gipper Newsletters is coming (very) soon. Once publicly released,  all Gipper users will have the ability to create and share stunning newsletters. Yes - Gipper Newsletters is being released at no additional cost to ALL plans. 

If you can't wait to get your hands on Newsletters, we've got good news. We are opening up early access for the Newsletters tool to current Gipper customers. 

You can get on the list to be the first to try newsletters right now. Join the waitlist here.

And rememberโ€ฆ

The best programs aren't waiting for their fans, students, and alumni to come to them. They're proactively building connections that don't just keep their community in the know, they make their community feel like a part of something.

Community engagement is powerful. Community engagement that turns into more fans cheering in your stadium, more funds raised for your teams, and more athletes participating in your program is a whole new ball game.

With Gipper, weโ€™ll get you there ๐Ÿš€

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