Tip: Avoiding hidden replies on twitter

Jack Zamore

For example, say you're sharing score updates from your varsity basketball game. To help share these updates with a wider audience, you may try tagging local (and even national) media. This will notify these outlets directly when you post - and could lead to re-tweets, follows, and ultimately greater engagement.

However, if you make a habit of tagging other accounts in your posts, you could run into a bit of confusion when looking at your Twitter account's profile. Not seeing some of your posts in your Twitter feed, you may be asking yourself "where did all my tweets go?"

But, don't worry - we are here to clear this all up for you. You are not seeing your tweets, because they are being sorted into the "replies" section of your Twitter feed.

The image below shows the categories of a normal Twitter feed, notice that "Tweets" is listed separate from "Tweets and Replies":

All tweets that start with the "@" symbol will be listed under "Tweets and replies" rather than the main feed, labeled "Tweets". Thus, when tweeting at a media outlet (to use our earlier example), if you started the tweet by mentioning them, it won't show up in the main feed! While a small issue, this can be confusing and bring less attention to your tweets.

How can you avoid this? It's super easy! All you need to do is put some text (or a symbol) prior to the mentioned twitter account (you can also simply tag accounts at the end of your Tweet, rather than at the beginning). This can even be just a period, as is shown in the example below:

Notice how the tweet above now correctly appears in the main "Tweets" category.

Now you know how to avoid accidentally Tweeting "replies" - ensuring your posts will be visible from your main feed for all to see.

Hope this was helpful and thanks for reading!

- Jack

Jack Zamore is the Chief Marketing Officer at Gipper. Gipper is a platform that helps high school athletic departments create professional sports graphics for social media - in seconds, on any device, and without needing any design experience.

Learn more @ gogipper.com/athletics

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