Social Media Course: Get Certified in Social Media for High School Athletic Departments

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Nowadays, an effective social strategy is critical to every athletic department. Why? If you are not telling your story on social media, someone else is. You want to make sure to be in control of that narrative and share all of the great things coming out of your program. On top of that, an effective social strategy will help:

  • improve communication with stakeholders

  • grow your athletic brand

  • drive new revenue to better support your program

However, high school athletic departments have the most teams to cover, but unfortunately the fewest resources to do so. This course has been put together with an understanding of that reality and will provide the key knowledge and actionable steps to create and execute on an effective social media strategy that will work for your program.


Join Gipper CEO, Matthew Glick, and invest in your program's growth and your career by learning how to develop brand guidelines, manage official social accounts, create stunning visual content, and more!