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Give your visiting opponents & fans all the info they need when traveling to your school, from campus maps to facility policies to links to buy tickets.
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Why create a visitor's guide newsletter on Gipper?

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Why create a visitor's guide newsletter on Gipper?

Flexible editing & customization

Start your newsletter with a custom-branded header graphic that you can create in one click. Put your official logo & colors front and center. Plus, easily customize text, fonts, colors & more so your entire newsletter looks like you

Include maps, links, & more important info

With unlimited real estate, you can include all crucial information in one place. Include maps of the venue and facilities for your visitors and links to event tickets for your opposing fans.

Reach multiple audiences on multiple channels

Social media, email, website — there's no limit to where your digital newsletter can live. Publish your creation and generate a unique link you can put everywhere you need — it's as easy as copy & paste. Plus, make live updates at any time. 

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