How to Celebrate National Girls & Women in Sports Day on Social Media

Keaton McAuliffe
Keaton McAuliffe

2024 is THE year of women's sports. 


2023 saw unprecedented growth in the viewership, investment, and fandom of women's sports. Media coverage has tripled. Nebraska Husker's Volleyball filled their football stadium with a record-breaking 92,003 fans.  Icons sat court-side watching Caitlin Clark play. This is just the beginning.

There's no better time to amplify girls and women participating in all aspects of sport right now β€” from the young athletes just getting started to the administrators working tirelessly to make sure there's a path forward for all. 

Here are five ways that you can celebrate your game-changers on social media right now.

Shoutout Your Coaches

We would be nowhere without coaches. Coaches inspire, support, and mentor. They help athletes visualize their success. Without them, many young female athletes would never know the potential or future they have in their sport. Create a coach spotlight graphic

Spotlight Your Alumni

The growth in women's sports is happening NOW. That means that recent alumni of your school, team, or program are the game-changers making a real-time impact. Remind your community that you mold not just incredible athletes, but incredible history-makers. Create an alumni spotlight



Share Inspiration from Your Leaders

Women's sports can't continue to grow without devoted female leadership. Take a moment to spotlight the women who have pursued the office side of sports β€” administrators, secretaries, ADs. Share their stories, highlight their journeys, and inspire the next generation of female sports leaders. Create a quote graphic


Highlight Your Athletes

Celebrate your current athletes all the time. Give your community opportunities to recognize and rally behind them. The more encouragement they get now, the more likely they are to continue their journey in sports. Create an athlete highlight graphic



Promote Your Women's Events

One of the most important things you can do as a coach or administrator in the world of amateur women's sports is promote them. Get fans to come out for games, meets, and events. Sell tickets, sell merch, and create a fan experience just as you would for your men's sports.


Small Actions Make Big Impact

The foundation for the success of women's sports is laid at the youth and high school levels. As a K-12 or club administrator, YOU can set the tone for how women's and girls' sports are perceived by your community. Lift your female athletes up, build their fanbase, and connect them with mentors who embody what's possible. 

Something as simple as posting a game-day graphic or highlighting an impressive performance on social media can make all the difference. Do the little things and be part of the giant movement coming for women's sports! 

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