5 Ways to Promote Your Club Soccer Team on Social Media

Keaton McAuliffe
Keaton McAuliffe

The world of club sports is competitive, and we don't just mean on the field. Setting yourself apart from other clubs has never been more important, and if you're waiting for prospective players and parents to find you, you're missing out on top talent, registrations, and revenue.

That means you need to get the word out about your club, and social media is the way to do it. It's the new (and necessary) way to meet your audience where they are, grab their attention, and convince them to play for your club.

Whether you're a social media rookie or an old pro, the content you share doesn't have to be difficult to come up with. You can boil it down to two main themes: the "what" and the "why".

Read on for a breakdown of these two themes, and a list of content ideas that you can action right now to promote your club, boost participation, and ultimately drive revenue.

The What: Get Your Information Out


The "what" is your bread and butter, and that's because you're already sharing it. Your website, emails, and flyers already answer key questions like:

  • How do I register?

  • When do camps and clinics start?

  • Where can I get the upcoming tournament schedule?

This information is aimed at getting your prospective players and parents through the door. Tell them the what (and the when, where, and how) of your club, so they have all the information they need to show up and play.

The Why: Highlight the People that Make Your Club the Best Choice

The "why" is arguably the most important content you'll share as a club admin or marketer. It answers one key question:

Why should I play for your club?

In today's club sports landscape, parents and players factor a lot more than cost into their choice of elite club. They want to know they're receiving the BEST experience possible. That includes:

  • The best coaches and staff

  • The best player development

  • The best player opportunities

And these players and parents aren't just going to take your word for it. They want proof, which means you have to show that you're the best club around, not just tell.

How? That's where social media comes in. Share content — pictures, videos, and graphics — to give your audience a glimpse into your club's experience.

Need some inspiration? Here are five content ideas that you can start actioning right now.

5 Social Media Content Ideas to Promote Your Soccer Club

1. Tryouts: Include All Need-to-Know Info on One Place 

Gipper tryouts graphic showcasing tryout event information for a club soccer team

Tryouts are the gateway event for your prospective players, which makes them one of the most important events you need to get the word out about. The more interest you generate for your tryouts, the bigger your pool of potential participants.

Make sure the details of the when and where of your tryouts are front and center on your social media pages so that your followers have all the information they need to show up. Many clubs will pin this information to the top of their social profiles, so it's always visible and accessible.

2. Player Highlights: Player of the Game, Commitments, Stats

Default Player Award 15402

Highlighting your players — past and present — is the perfect way to give prospective parents and players a look into your club experience. Player highlights can take many forms, here are a couple of examples:

  • Spotlight your current players who have committed to D1 or collegiate-level programs.

  • Shoutout alumni who are leading their teams to championships or even making national-level teams.

  • Start a "Player of the Week" initiative, where you highlight an MVP player from your program each week.

The bottom line: celebrate your players' accomplishments. Prospective players want to play for a club that's going to recognize their hard work and success. If they see you already do that, that'll draw them to you even more.

3. Camps & Clinics: Reach a Wider Audience with More Information

Gipper clinic graphic template featuring clinic event information, soccer imagery

Much like tryouts, your camps and clinics are key to getting prospective players in the door. If your clinics are open to non-members, you'll want to reach a wide audience.

Use social media to share key details about your camp or clinic, and drive prospective players back to your website for more information.

4. Coach & Staff Welcome

Gipper coach and staff welcome graphic template featuring photo of a soccer coach with welcome text

Coaches and staff are what make your club unique. You recruit the best-in-class staff so that you can give your players the best-in-class coaching.

When you make a game-changing new hire, welcome them on social media. Share a bit about their experience and what makes them a great addition to your club. Not only will your community give a warm welcome, but it'll also spark interest from prospective players.

5. Champion Congratulations: Share Your Team Wins

Gipper champions graphic template showcasing youth soccer team photo along with champions text

This one is simple: everybody loves a winner. When your teams win, make sure you shout it from the rooftops. Prospective players want to play for winning teams, so show them that's you by highlighting your well-deserving champions often.

Promoting your program on social media doesn't have to be difficult. Stick to two types of content to build your online presence: share crucial information with a wide audience and show your community who you are.

The key is to make your program as visible as possible so that when players are ready to commit to a club, you're top of mind and ready to welcome them!


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