Template Tuesday: New Graphic Templates for National Girls & Women in Sports Day


We've added new social media templates for your sports graphics available now on Gipper!

Athletics/Sports Graphics Templates 

National Girls & Women in Sports Day Graphic Template

Gipper's graphic template for celebrating National Girls & Women in Sports Day, featuring polaroid photos of a group of girls cheering and one of a group of female soccer teammates. White and blue color scheme

On February 1st, celebrate National Girls & Women in Sports Day by sharing this new graphic! Join the Women's Sports Foundation in recognizing your student-athletes, coaches, and administrators who work to make sports more equitable for all! 

Give all of you deserving athletics community members a shoutout on your social media. Celebrate the ways they level the playing field at your organization and beyond! 

Starting Line-up Graphic Templates: Track & Field, Swimming, Multi-Sport

Gipper starting lineup graphic template featuring cutout photo of a young female soccer goalie, two school logos, and 12 athlete names and numbers. Color scheme is red and white

Gipper starting lineup template featuring "starting line-up" title, two school logos, and 12 athlete names and numbers, in red and white color scheme


Check out these two new starting line-up graphic templates, perfect for telling your fans which athletes they can expect to take the field at your upcoming game. Showcase up to 12 athlete names and numbers on this one graphic. 

Pro Tip: Starting line-up graphics are also a great way to highlight a particular athlete. Use one with a photo or cutout to give one of your starters a moment in the spotlight before the game is even underway!

School Record & Results Graphic Template: Swimming, Track & field, Multi-Sport

Gipper's school record graphic template featuring photo of a young male swimmer celebrating a victory, with text highlighting his swimming timed result, name, and program information. Color scheme is green and yellow

Breaking a school record is a huge deal for your student-athletes. Give the special moment a special shoutout with this brand-new school record graphic template that highlights their time and an epic action shot! 

Final Score Graphic Template: Football, Basketball, Multi-Sport

Gipper's final score graphic showcasing "final score" in big text, a 17-10 score update, and a score breakdown of 4 quarters. Color scheme is red and black

Check out this new, simple final score graphic available now in our Champions Pack. This template is perfect for getting the final score out to your followers on social quickly, while still giving them a recap of how each quarter went. 

Sponsorship Graphic Template

Gipper's sponsorship graphic template showcasing "Thank you to our sponsor" text, a local business logo and call to action to visit the sponsor's website. Color scheme is red and white

You may have seen our recently added Sponsorship templates, aimed at saying a big "thank you" to your sponsors! Whether you have the local deli sponsoring your next big game or a clothing store providing swag for your fans, show your gratitude for their contribution to your programs!

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