Template Tuesday: New Social Media Sponsorship Graphic Templates


We've added new social media templates for your sports graphics available now on Gipper!

Athletics/Sports Graphics Templates 

Sponsorship Graphic Templates

Gipper default sponsorship template showcasing "Thank you to our sponsor" text with a sample sponsor logo. Set on a white background with navy and beige accent colors. Gipper default sponsorship template showcasing "Thank you to our sponsor" text with a sample sponsor logo. Set against white background with green and yellow accent colors

Sponsorships can be a great way to raise more funds for your programs. You may have a banner hanging in your gym or stadium, or maybe you include sponsorships in your game day programs. 

Extending your sponsorships to social media can bring in a lot more funds (and require a lot less work). Social media sponsorships get more reach and impressions, which benefits your sponsor. Plus, with Gipper, creating sponsorship content has never been easier, especially with these brand-new sponsorship graphic templates. 

Podium Finish Graphic Templates: Track & Field, Swimming, Multi-Sport

Gipper podium finish graphic template featuring three photos of a young male track athlete in first, second, and third place. Color scheme is red and black. Gipper's default podium finish template showcasing first, second, and third place results and a photo of a track. Color scheme is red and black.


We created two brand-new templates to highlight a podium finish! These templates are perfect for highlighting your athletes' finishes in specific track & field or swimming events.

Final Score Graphic Template: Multi-Sport

Gipper final score graphic template showcasing photo of a young male quarterback throwing a football, with 10-17 final score text underneath. Red and black color scheme

Check out this new final score graphic template available now in the Champions Pack! Don't just share the final score, share how each quarter went to get your team to the result! 

Starting Lineup Graphic Template: Multi-Sport

Gipper starting line up graphic template showcasing "Starting Lineup" title text, with a list of 11 player names and numbers. Color scheme is beige and navy.

We've added a new simple starting lineup graphic template that can showcase 11 players taking the field. Let your social media followers know who to look out for when the whistle blows! 

Final Results Graphic Template: Wrestling, Multi-Sport

Gipper final results graphic template for wrestling, showcasing photo of two young male wrestlers in action, with "final results" title text. Green and yellow color scheme.

By customer request, we've added a new graphic template so you can share the results of your wrestling matches! Shoutout your athletes' performances by sharing this graphic, complete with an action shot from their match! 


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