Template Tuesday: New Sports Graphics Templates for Volleyball


We've added new social media sports graphics for your team and school activities, available now on Gipper!

Athletics/Sports Graphics Templates 

Final Score Graphic Templates: Volleyball, Multi-Sport

Gipper's graphic template for volleyball showcasing photo of girls' volleyball team celebrating and breakdown of final game score by five sets

Share the result of every set of your volleyball game with your followers on social media, using this new template. We've designed another volleyball final score graphic template so you can let your fans know how the entire match played out!

Like this layout? Use it for other sports that score in sets or rounds, like tennis and golf. Or, adjust the graphic template to show the results of quarters or periods in addition to the final game score. Looking for more ideas for your volleyball team? Check out more volleyball graphic templates and get inspiration for your next post!

Picture Frame Graphic Templates: Multi-Sport

Gipper framed graphic template showcasing photo of smiling young adult male framed with a black and red border Gipper Student Takeover graphic template showcasing photo of a young adult male swimmer smiling

We're adding to our library of frame graphic templates! Drop your photos, videos, and other media into these branded templates and share on your social media accounts. 

These templates are perfect — even made for — student social media takeovers. Have your students send you photos and videos from their day at school, practice, or game using Content Requests, and then share them on social using these graphic templates. 

Birthday Graphic Template: Multi-Sport

Gipper birthday graphic showcasing male soccer athlete with Happy Birthday message Gipper birthday graphic template featuring female basketball athlete with Happy Birthday message

Birthday messages make for great social media content. And with even more birthday graphic templates to choose from, you can make a unique post for every student's or athlete's birthday!

P.S. Get a list of your student-athletes' birthdays for the upcoming month or season and slot them in your content calendar. That way, you can make your birthday posts ahead of time and schedule them to post to social on the right day!

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