Stay Social in Summer: How to Keep Your Audience Engaged During Summer Break (Without the Work)

Keaton McAuliffe
Keaton McAuliffe

For students, teachers, and admins alike, summer break is one of the best times of the year (you can admit it, no judgment here). It's the best chunk of the calendar year where you can finally relax, recover, and reflect on another year well done.

June in particular is when you can take some real time for yourself — take that vacation, spend uninterrupted time with family, and indulge in the activities (or non-activities) you don't have time for during the year. Wait until July or August to start tackling your AD Summer Checklist.  June is for me-time! 

But, while you can reasonably leave your entire email inbox unread in June, there's one thing that you really shouldn't go radio silent on: social media. 

If you've been active on social media for a while now, you know that frequent posting is key to maintaining good engagement. And good engagement is ultimately what promotes your programs, gives your athletes the recognition they deserve, boosts your participation, and converts fan support into ticket sales.

But, how can you possibly be fully rested in June if you have to post to social media three times a week? I'm here to share how you can post an entire summer's worth of content in one day

First things first, what can I even post?

At first glance, you might think that summertime is a content drought for your organization's social media. There aren't any events to promote, the kids aren't on campus, and there are no games to grab stats, scores, and action shots from. 

But take a closer look: there are events you can highlight! There are camps and clinics, captain's practices, and team meetups. And, there are tons of events happening next season. 

Wait, did I just suggest that you should start promoting your fall events now? In June? Yes, I did. 

Let's break this down. There are three types of content that you can create & post today

    1. Summer events & information: Camps, clinics, pre-season events. Create graphics that share event dates, times, and logistics and how to register. Explore camp & registration templates>
    2. Fall schedules: Chances are you have at least your football schedule set by this time. Create some early hype (and maybe sell some pre-season tickets or passes) by announcing this early. Explore schedule templates>
    3. Countdowns: Countdowns are some of the easiest, low-hanging fruit content you can create. Here are some countdowns you can create in seconds: Explore countdown templates>
      1. Countdown to home opener/season kick-off
      2. Countdown to tryouts (BONUS: Share early info on how to prepare)
      3. Countdown to your fall schedule announcement
      4. Countdown to the first day of school (don't start this too early, you might scare your students 😉) 

The beauty of social media is that truly anything can be content — there are no rules! That means if you want to post a full 80-day countdown to your football season like Shiocton High School Athletics, you can! And chances are, it'll help you boost attendance and ticket sales at that game when the time comes.

Shicton High School Football Countdown

How can I post this content throughout the summer (in one day)?

I promised that you could create and post all of this content in one day. And you might be thinking, "How could that be possible if I'm posting daily or weekly football opener countdown graphics?" 

The answer is "schedule for later." Not only can you create and post graphics instantly through Gipper, but you can also schedule posts to go out at a later date. That means with the help of a little light math, you can schedule all of your countdown graphics for the right day ahead of time. As we like to say, "set it and forget it." Watch to see how it's done: 


What "set it and forget it" really means is that you can put in a few hours of work today and head off to the beach tomorrow. Then, when you're lounging poolside on the 50th day before kick-off, Gipper will post your countdown graphic to social without you needing to lift a finger. 

Stay tuned for more tips on staying social in the summer! Follow us @GoGipper!

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